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Inoue house

The Inoue house was one of the four go houses, the state-supported schools for the game of go in Japan during the Edo period.

The numbering of the heads of the house is that introduced by Inoue Genan Inseki, at the start of the nineteenth century, and including Nakamura Doseki for reasons of prestige. During their playing careers all the heads, apart from Doseki, were called Inoue Inseki. For reasons of convenience the retirement or posthumous names are used, in the style Inoue Genkaku Inseki with the personal part of the name interposed. Variant names abound.

  1. 中村道碩 Nakamura Doseki 1612-1630
  2. 井上玄覚因碩 Genkaku 1630-1673
  3. 井上道砂因碩 Dosa 1673-1692
  4. 井上道節因碩 Dosetsu 1692-1719
  5. 井上策雲因碩 Sakuun 1719-1734
  6. 井上春碩因碩 Shunseki 1734-1772
  7. 井上春達因碩 Shuntatsu 1772-1792
  8. 井上因達因碩 Intatsu 1792-1805
  9. 井上春策因碩 Shunsaku 1805-1810
  10. 井上因砂因碩 Insa 1810-1824
  11. 井上幻庵因碩 Genan 1824-1846
  12. 井上節山因碩 Setsuzan 1846-1850
  13. 井上松本因碩 Matsumoto 1850-1891
  14. 井上大塚因碩 Otsuka 1891-1904
  15. 井上田淵因碩 Tabuchi 1904-1917
  16. 井上恵下田因碩 Egeta 1917-1961

After Doseki, Inoue Dosetsu Inseki was the only Meijin from this house.

The house survived well into modern times with Egeta, but it is rather unclear what happened to the tradition on his death.

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