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Gustav Neumann

Gustav Richard Ludwig Neumann

Gustav Richard Ludwig Neumann (15 December 1838 - 16 February 1881) was a German chess master.

Neumann was born in Gleiwitz in the Prussian Province of Silesia. In matches he lost to Louis Paulsen (+3 -5 =3) at Leipzig 1864, and defeated Celso Golmayo Zúpide (+3 -0 =0), and Simon Winawer (+3 -0 =0) at Paris 1867. He also won against Samuel Rosenthal (+12 -2 =8) in three matches in Paris; (+5 -0 =6) in 1867, (+3 -1 =1) and (+4 -1 =1) in 1869.

During the late 1860s Neumann was one of the best chess players in the world. In tournaments he was first at Berlin 1865 (+34 -0 =0; first perfect score), first at Elberfeld 1865, first at Dundee 1867 Scotland International, second place went to Steinitz. Neumann reached fourth at Paris 1867 (Ignatz von Kolisch won), third/fourth at Baden-Baden 1870 (Adolf Anderssen won), and second, behind Anderssen, at Altona 1872. However, severe mental illness stopped him playing after 1872.

In 1864-1867, together with Anderssen, he founded and edited the Neue Berliner Schachzeitung. He died in Wehlau in East Prussia.

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