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Developer(s) Unknown
Initial release 2 May 2009
Preview release 999946h (IvanHoe) / 8 December 2011
Development status Active
Written in C
Operating system Linux, Windows
Type Chess program
License Public Domain

IPPOLIT is an open-source chess program released by authors using pseudonyms, Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin, Igor Igorovich Igoronov, Roberto Pescatore, Yusuf Ralf Weisskopf, Ivan Skavinsky Skavar, and Decembrists.

The program is a console application that communicates with a chess Graphical User Interface (GUI) via standard Universal Chess Interface protocol. IPPOLIT is a bitboard chess engine optimized for 64-bit architecture with native support for both 32-bit/64-bit Linux and Windows operating systems. According to recent testing, it is one of the stronger chess programs.



IPPOLIT was initially prohibited from many computer chess websites after the author of the chess engine Rybka claimed it to be a clone of his program. IPPOLIT authors have denied the accusation. Even today, some chess rating lists still refuse to include it in their lists of tested programs.

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