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Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championships

The Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championships are held in conjunction with the Commonwealth Games.

2002 Manchester

The first Championship was held in Manchester, England. The event was held at Whitworth Hall, part of the University of Manchester, 15-20 July 2002.

Canada defeated Wales for the gold medal. India captured the bronze medal.

There were 28 entries.

2006 Murrumbeena

The second Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championship was held in Murrumbeena, Victoria near Melbourne, Australia, 7-12 March 2006.

2010 Delhi

The third Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championship was held in Delhi, India, 24-29 October 2010.

Participants were Australia, Australia Ladies, Bangladesh, England, Guernsey, India 1, India 2, India Ladies, Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, Wales plus the Chairman's Team and six sponsored teams.

The Scotland Team winning the Gold medal was Brian Spears, John Murdoch, Derek Sanders, Derek Diamond, Irving Gordon and Sandy Duncan.

2014 Glasgow

The 4th Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championship will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, 8-14 September 2014.

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