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Aspro convention

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Aspro is a contract bridge bidding convention devised by Terence Reese as a British variant on the Astro convention to intervene over a 1NT opening bid.

Like Astro, Aspro is initiated by a 2-level overcall in a minor suit when the overcaller or intervenor holds an unbalanced hand with at least nine cards in two suits (i.e. 5 in one and 4 in the other), at least one of which is a major.

  • 2 shows hearts and another suit, and
  • 2 shows spades and a minor suit.

Subsequent bidding

The foregoing includes the possibility that the 2 overcaller holds both majors. Using Aspro with five spades and four or five hearts, the 2 bid is followed by 2 over partner's 2 or 2; with four spades and five hearts, one rebids 2 over partner's 2.

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